Karoga with family and friends


For most of you who doesn't know what Karoga is - Well its a traditional event where you choose and stir your own favorite dish and then a fine dine in experience.

You could decide on what specific dish you like (From the selected menu) and cook it by your self and while jazzing and chilling with your friends and loved ones.

Don't fancy cooking?

Karoga is one of the latest trend going around the heart of London.

You could either choose indoor Karoga or outdoor Karoga - But with our experience outdoor Karoga would be ideal in our open air garden venue.

Whatever the occassion

If you wish to reserve your own Karoga party for a large number, its mostly appreciated if you could buzz and make the reservation at its earliest.

Depending on the attendees and the party the cost may vary.

We all look forward to welcoming you.