Entertainment Spot

One of the most popular restaurant in the heart of London, The Carlton Lounge in Kingsbury offers entertainment at its best - one of the premier dine in spot and sports bar in London.

You could stay tuned with the latest sports events and all competitions - For the entire sports enthusiast. (Small and large groups of fans are allowed and they could watch their favorite event with their loved ones) Boosted by the provision unparalleled dining experiences and great deals.

We stay tuned and live broadcast the latest events such as Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball and other major sporting events as well.

Our customers gather from all around the local areas to watch and enjoy the events together. On special occasions we invite belly dancers, flamethrowers, and other entertainers to light up the atmosphere and bring a little spark to the night.

Stay in touch with our events so you never miss out!

We bet! You and your lads will certainly have one of the most unforgettable reunions and match time experience at the Unique Carlton Lounge, Kingsbury.