Best Indian Restaurants in London

19 Dec, 2017 by Carlton Lounge

London has some of the best Indian restaurants in the world. However, that doesn't mean it's easy to find one that matches your tastes and expectations.

Fortunately, we have a short list of some of the best Indian restaurants in London that can satisfy your needs for exotic spices and delicious curries.

Carlton Lounge

The Carlton Lounge is an Indian restaurant in Kingsbury, and it has it all: shareable finger foods, exciting cocktails, flavourful shisha, and an undeniably delicious menu of Northern Indian cuisine.

Carlton Lounge's kitchen staff has been preparing Indian food for decades and have taken upon themselves to master the intricacies of fine dining etiquette. In addition to serving some of the best Indian food in London, the Carlton Lounge also caters to large events in its 150-person banquet hall.

The Carlton Lounge also has a beer garden and offers a huge menu of flavourful shisha that creates hundreds of tasteful shisha-cocktail combinations. Just ask their staff for shisha-cocktail pairings. With the right pairing, the cocktail can accentuate your shisha experience (and vice versa) for a truly complementary flavour combination.

It's tough for other London Indian restaurants to beat the Carlton Lounge with its complete offerings, considering it's like an all-in-one establishment: shisha, food, premium cocktails, and more.

Carlton Lounge
232-234 Kingsbury Road,
London NW9 0BH,
Tel: 44 20 8200 5765
[email protected]

Other Indian Restaurants in London

Because there are so many Indian restaurants in London, you have to decide how you ultimately want to enjoy your meal.

Do you want to host a large party? Do you want Northern or Southern Indian food? Do you want fine dining? Answers to these questions will ultimately help you decide which Indian restaurant you want to go to.

For example, Gymkhana is a Michelin-star restaurant that was inspired by the gymkhana clubs in colonial India that catered to wealthy socialites. While you can always expect top treatment and service here, you will need to make reservations far in advance as well as pay fine dining prices.

There's also seafood, which isn't commonly served by Indian restaurants in London. Trishna is a sister restaurant to Gymkhana and has a lovely neighborhood feel with doors that open to sidewalk tables designed for al fresco dining. Trishna is also a Michelin-star restaurant so you can expect higher prices here as well.

If you want consistency, Bombay Palace has been around for 35 years. It focuses on comfort food and it is rumoured that the former Prime Minister Tony Blair is a frequent customer.

Or, you can try something out of the ordinary with Flora Indica. Flora Indica is inspired by the 19th century book of the same name, which catalogued thousands of Indian plants. As expected, the restaurant uses the very same spices and plants as ingredients in its modern Indian menu.

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