7 Events That Can Use A Banquet Hall

Aug 30, 2017 by Carlton Lounge

The Carlton Lounge is among the premiere Indian restaurants in Kingsbury, U.K. However, while we pride ourselves in serving the finest northern Indian cuisine, we also have the capacity to help you host a large private event or function.
With a banquet hall that can hold 150 people, we would be thrilled and honored to host your event no matter what it may be. In fact, here are some events that we have hosted at Carlton Lounge:

7) Jubilee Celebrations

While we would love to host any monarch, we're perfectly happy to treat YOU like royalty. We believe jubilee celebrations are momentous events that deserves a large audience. So if you or you know a couple celebrating a jubilee anniversary, the Carlton Lounge's banquet hall can be the venue you need to invite all of the couple's loved ones.

6) Birthday Parties

Milestone birthdays are cause for great celebrations. Whether it's a bar/bat mitzvah, 50 years, 75 years, or if you're turning 32, the Carlton Lounge can provide the venue you need to have a memorable party.
We have a large menu of food, celebratory cocktails, and even shisha. there's something for everyone and for every age group.

5) Baby Gender Reveal Party

Baby gender announcements are always a fun time for both the couple and their closest family and friends. If you need a larger space to accommodate everyone you want to share the news with, the Carlton Lounge can be a great setting. Our subtle decor is gender color neutral and there's plenty of space to hold your gifts of strollers, car seats, and boxes of Tesco diapers.
No reveal is complete without generous lead time to help build suspense. Take your time and enjoy a complete lunch of fine Northern Indian cuisine.

4) Graduation Parties

Graduating from a university is a major accomplishment! While the graduate will no doubt want to head to the nearest pub to celebrate with his mates, it's much more common for parents and family to want a more… refined… celebration.
Holding a graduation party at the Carlton Lounge's banquet hall can be the best of two worlds: a fine dining experience that includes the new graduate's closest friends and their families. The young graduate will be able to celebrate his or her crowning achievement with both family and friends.

3) Weddings

Choosing the venue of your wedding can be a delicate affair. You need to make sure your venue has great food and can seat all your guests. The Carlton Lounge has hundreds of weddings under its belt and a coordinated staff that can serve over a hundred guests in a timely fashion.
We know that weddings are meant to showcase the newlyweds and know exactly how our banquet hall can be arranged to do so. The banquet hall's decor is purposefully subtle to allow you to accent the entire room in your wedding's colors.

2) Corporate Parties

While corporate companies and offices are generally viewed as dull and sterile, we have hosted dozens of exciting corporate events and parties at the Carlton Lounge. Some of these events include:

  • End of the year parties
  • The company's anniversary
  • Summer parties
  • Winter holiday parties
  • Quarterly end parties
  • President or CEO birthdays
  • Annual awards
  • And more

Our service staff can work with your corporate office to lay out the banquet hall to be as casual or formal as your event requires. We can roll out the fine linens and shine our wine glasses or work with you to brand your event in your company's colors.

1) Family Reunions

Indian food is frequently the cuisine of choice for large family gatherings, no matter your family's origins. Indian food is often the highlight of large groups and can easily serve hundreds of people.
That makes the Carlton Lounge a great venue for your family reunions, no matter how large your family is. We can arrange the banquet hall to your liking so your family can sit by household, by generation, or by random, allowing you to easily mingle and catch up with close or distant relatives.

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