The 7 Must Have Things of A London Wedding Venue

Aug 17, 2017 by Carlton Lounge

One of the most important items—if not the most important—on your wedding things-to-do list is choosing your wedding venue. London has thousands of options for you to choose from, so how do you go about selecting the one for your special day?
First off, you have to decide what is most important for you and your future spouse. If you both agree that you want to have a London wedding venue, here are some things you will need to consider.

#7: Subtle and Neutral Decor

This is your wedding, so you want to make sure your wedding venue's decor is neutral or subtle to allow you and your future spouse to style the space with your own colours and decorations. Your venue's decor should accentuate your designs and not clash. Not only does this include the overall space, but also the chairs, tables, and linens.

#6: Accommodates All Your Guests

There are very few acceptable reasons to turn away an invited wedding guest. Telling them that you have reached the maximum capacity of the venue is not one of those reasons. When you reserve or put a deposit on your wedding venue in London, make sure that it is large enough that it accommodates everyone on your guest list.
On the other hand, you also don't want a venue that is too large. Your wedding is a celebrated gathering of your closest family members and friends, so it wouldn't make do if there's too much empty or unused space at the venue.
If you are totally in love with a larger space, ask if the facility can section off the space with walls or partitions.

#5: Accessible to Guests

This part encompasses several aspects. Depending on your London wedding venue, it might be in a crowded part of town. If you expect some guests to arrive by car, make sure your wedding venue has a parking lot, nearby parking spots, a safe drop-off zone, or a valet service.
Your wedding venue should also be easy to enter once your guests arrive and accessible for the elderly or handicapped.

#4: Secure Rooms

Unless you plan to carry your purse with you the entire time, make sure your wedding venue has additional rooms that offer you and your wedding party some privacy. These rooms will give you a place to change, prepare, and secure your valuables like your wedding gifts!

#3: Covers for Outdoor Spaces

Natural lighting helps create the most beautiful wedding photos. However, this is London! Wedding venues that have outdoor spaces should be fully equipped to handle both rain and shine. It's easy to think that rain can ruin your wedding, but so can too much sun. It's not fun for your guests if they have to crowd under limited shade once it gets too hot.

#2: Great Food

If you choose your London wedding venue based on its all-in-one wedding package, you probably already know they offer catering and food.
Of course, while you and your spouse will be the most memorable part of your wedding, the food is a close second. Make sure your guests have an enjoyable and unique dining experience that they can always remember.

#1: Well-trained Staff

Everyone has experienced poor service at one point or another and how that can affect your dining experience. Unfortunately, a wedding is no different and is at the mercy of the venue's staff.
Your wedding relies on a large staff behind-the-scene individuals from chefs, waiters, bartenders, decorators, and bussers. Any full-service London wedding venue should have a staff that is singularly focused on giving you a stress free and enjoyable day.

The Carlton Lounge

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